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Every company goes through an annual renewal process for its commercial property coverage. Corporate clients and Risk Managers are always asking: How much property coverage should I be carrying?  As they know, working with accurate property values is critical for making sure that the appropriate amount of risk is being transferred.  QGA’s Property Valuation Services provide the information and tools necessary to make informed decisions about coverage.

In reality, most companies have not been though a significant property loss.  Managing and preparing an insurance claim is truly a full-time task.  Neglecting a claim can jeopardize a full recovery.  QGA’s Property Valuations Services vast claims experience can help any corporate client or Risk Manager through this complicated process.

Credentials and experience are crucial when selecting a damage expert.  Quantum’s litigation and overall insurance experience makes us the right choice for any damage valuation matter.  You can be confident that you and your client will receive the finest service and results.