When a business suffers a property loss, its management team is thrown into the chaotic situation of attempting to resume normal business operations while at the same time preparing, presenting and certifying an insurance claim. The insurance claim settlement process can be complex and time consuming, detracting from management’s ability to effectively recover from the incident.

The insurance policy requires that the insured not only prove the full extent of loss and damage, but also comply with all the terms and conditions of the insurance policy. Moreover, the insured will make important decisions regarding options for repair and replacement of damaged property items. These decisions may have a significant impact on the insurance claim amount for these items.

Working closely with the insured, QGA will prepare a detailed claim for each element of the property loss. We pride ourselves on the extensive discovery and investigation activities we complete prior to the actual preparation of the claim. In every engagement, we seek to understand the insured’s business so that we may identify entitlements and avoid the risk of underutlilizing insurance benefits, which is inherent in all insurance claims. Only then do we structure a claim measurement and certification to support and compliment the insured’s business recovery program and insurance policy coverage.